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"Open To Interpretation" (mixed-media, image/text)
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Square Composite Photographs
(65 Images)
Composite Figure Studies
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Composite Color & Mixed Media Photographs
(35 Images)
Composite Cyanotypes and B&W Photographs
(36 Images)
B&W Retrospective Photographs
(15 Images)
Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, and Stuff
(35 Images)

David Underwood is an artist who specializes in making composite photographic constructions and other mixed-media assemblages. Most of his work involves combining several original photographic images into integrated compositions, and employing a variety of construction and presentation methods. Formal and aesthetic, yet also invoking open interpretations of content and meaning, his work involves a wide variety of subject matter from a wide variety of locations. His photo work often deals with photography itself and the various options explored while photographing and while finishing artworks and assemblages for presentation. He also makes provocative mixed-media artworks that include thought-provoking, ambiguous text.


Click on any of the portfolio links to the left of this screen to explore some of the various types of David Underwood's work. Within each portfolio, click on the thumbnail images to enlarge. With the exception of the works in the "B&W Retrospective" portfolio, most of these artworks are for sale; prices and other information can be found by clicking the "image info" bar under each enlarged artwork. Thanks for taking a look at this work; comments and questions are welcome.

Pictured on this front page:  This mixed-media, image/text artwork is included in the national, juried "Concepts; Anything Goes" exhibition at the Atlanta Photography Group gallery, in the Tula Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia. The exhibit opens with a public reception on Friday, 11 July 2014, 7:30-9:30pm, and will continue at the gallery through 30 August 2014. This group exhibition will include two of Underwood's photo-mixed-media artworks from his "Open To Interpretation" portfolio.


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