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Hello, and welcome to Underwood Artworks.

I have constructed this web site as a set of portfolios that can introduce viewers (like you) to my work. I've been an artist for 30+ years, and I continue to evolve and make new work. Please click on the Portfolio links on the left of this page to have a look at some of my varied series of artworks. I make mixed-media artworks, composite photographs, drawings, and collages/assemblages. A lot of my work involves incorporating my own original photographs into mixed-media artworks or montage/composite photographs, with the intent of expanding the use of "the still photograph" as an instigator of meaning and as a facilitor of aesthetic and contextual possibilities. Thanks for having a look at some of my work.


I am the editor (and publisher) of a new photography book which was released from Sapling Grove Press in June, 2015. Take a look at the diverse, innovative, and progressive work in our book, RICH COMMUNITY: AN ANTHOLOGY OF APPALACHIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS, which includes previously unpublished work from 82 contemporary Appalachian photographers.


Pictured here on this home page is one of my recent artworks in my "Image/Text, 36-inch Squares" series.


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